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Solar Energy Localization: A Gateway to Global Growth and Innovation 2


Why Localization is Important? 

Understanding the Growing Importance of Solar Energy in a Global Context 

Solar power is a key player in sustainable development in the global energy sector, offering a clean and renewable solution amidst climate change and fossil fuel depletion. The IEA documents that the solar energy market is experiencing rapid growth. In 2022, solar PV generation surged by a record 26%+, marking the most significant annual increase among renewable technologies, overtaking wind for the first time. This growth aligns with the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario projections, reflecting the sector’s rapid expansion driven by improved economic viability, supply chain development, and policy support, particularly in China, the US, the EU, and India. Consequently, the tracking status of solar PV was upgraded to “on track” in 2023. The International Energy Agency highlights the increasing deployment of solar PV, emphasizing its crucial role in energy transition. Solar power’s adaptability, serving residential and industrial needs, enhances its value. However, global expansion relies on overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers, making the localization of solar technologies essential for broader acceptance and utilization across diverse global markets.

The Role of Localization in Expanding Solar Energy Reach

Localization in the solar energy context refers to adapting solar technologies and related information to suit specific regional, linguistic, and cultural requirements. This encompasses the physical adaptation of solar products to different environmental conditions and tailoring communication and technical documentation to local languages and cultural contexts.


Customers tend to purchase when they understand the product, which requires a language the user understands to be used for the product information. According to Can’t Read, won’t Buy research series by CSA Research, business users of high-tech products should expect just as rich a customer experience as do consumers – in their language and adapted to their market. Research from Nimzdi has indicated that 75% of customers are likely to make a repeat purchase if customer care is in their native language, and a 2500% return can be obtained for the investment in the localization. Effective localization will enhance a company’s global reach and business success.

Key Features of Solar Photovoltaic Enterprise Localization

Roadmap of Localization in the Solar Energy Industry

The journey of localization in the solar energy industry involves several key stages. Initially, it requires an in-depth analysis of target markets and an understanding of local regulations, climate conditions, and social sensitivities. Marketing collaterals, together with the company website, are usually the initial content in need of a version in the vernacular, followed by product technical documents, applications, and more. This ensures clarity and relevance, fostering a stronger connection with local audiences. Considering the content and usage of different content, the way how it’s localized is diverse.

Unique Characteristics of Solar Energy Localization Projects

Solar energy localization projects are characterized by their emphasis on technical accuracy and cultural relevance. These projects often involve complex terminologies and concepts that require precise translation and adaptation. This is particularly true for Energy Management Systems (EMS) Localization, a very comprehensive and technical platform that only professional Solar Energy translators will be able to localize accurately. The jargon, measurement and metric rules, and acronyms used in these systems are extremely complex to localize. So, localization teams need to have a firm grasp of solar technology and the specific nuances of the target market. In view of technical documents’ length and layout, heavy processing and desktop publishing work is demanded. The uniqueness of solar energy localization lies in its blend of technical expertise, linguistic skills, cutting-edge technology, and regional insights, all working together to make solar energy accessible globally. 

The Role of Professional Translation in Solar Energy Localization

Overcoming Language Barriers in the Solar Energy Industry:

The solar energy sector’s expansion into diverse global markets necessitates overcoming language barriers. Effective communication is pivotal in customer experience and global growth. Professional localization services play an instrumental role in bridging these linguistic divides. They ensure that technical documents, user manuals, and marketing materials are accurately translated, maintaining the integrity and precision crucial in the solar industry.

Our Expertise in Solar and Emerging Energy Sectors:

Clearly Local is a localization service leader specializing in renewable energy sectors. Our expertise is not just in translating languages but also in understanding industry-specific and culture-applicable terminologies and concepts. We utilize the optimal workflow and process for efficient and effective localization. Our role extends beyond mere translation to being a partner in the global journey of renewable energy companies, contributing significantly to their expansion and success in new markets.

Empowering Emerging Energy Technologies through Localization

Standard Process and Optimized Solutions for Successful Localization:

Localization in the energy sector is not a one-size-fits-all process. Clearly Local adopts a standardized yet flexible approach, tailoring its services to the specific needs of each project including:

Solar Energy Process

We connect with customers and their internal teams to understand the background and study requirements, work out solutions, and allocate resources to meet their localization needs. We use the best of our experience to resonate with our customers for their strategic goals.

Best Practices for Implementing Solar Localization Strategies

Successful solar localization involves:

  • Engaging with experts early in development
  • Fostering collaboration between technical and linguistic teams
  • Focusing on customer-centric translation
  • Creating content catering to special geographic areas

Regular updates and feedback are essential for aligning localized content with market and technological changes.

Renewable Energy Localization Services: Expanding the Reach of Innovation

The Scope of Clearly Local’s Localization Services in Renewable Energy

Clearly Local, a leader in the localization industry, delivers services that are essential for global renewable energy companies looking to expand into new markets. Clearly Local’s expertise helps customers ranging from source creation, content localization, and process strategy to quality verification testing. Clearly Local is a one-stop partner for all your localization requests.

Case Studies: Successful Localization in Solar Energy Projects 

Through a series of case studies, the impact of Clearly Local’s localization services becomes evident. We consider the characteristics of each content type during the project execution. We support customers in various matters:

  • Workflow and timeline are key conditions for laying down solutions.
  • The software used for the source creation determines the localization process, further impacting the translation quality.
  • The source context is essential for an appropriate translation, especially in user interfaces.
  • The nature of the target language needs to be considered not only from a linguistic perspective but also from a display and layout perspective.
  • Further support from other teams on the customer side makes the implementation smooth.

Solar Horizons: A Localized Future

As we look toward the future of renewable energy, it’s clear that solar power stands at the forefront, with localization playing a crucial role in its global dissemination. The path to a sustainable and renewable future is paved with the commitment to localize solar energy solutions. By doing so, we champion environmental sustainability and bridge the gap between different cultures, driving global growth and acceptance of solar energy.

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