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A Leap Forward in Global Localization, Translation and Transcreation: Case Study

Our Client

realme, a global technology brand, lives by its guiding principle: ‘Dare to Leap.’ Founded in 2018, realme quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone industry, achieving a milestone of 100 million units shipped in 2021. Operating in 61 global markets, the company is committed to offering an intelligent and trendy lifestyle to the youth worldwide through its cutting-edge smartphones and AIoT products.

To ensure that its brand message resonates authentically and powerfully across diverse markets, realme partnered with Clearly Local. This collaboration solved realme’s challenges in translation and localization and elevated its content creation and transcreation strategies, enabling the brand to engage local markets professionally and trustworthily.

Global Localization, Translation and Transcreation

Transforming realme’s Localization Strategy

Initially, realme’s regional brand departments and PR teams proactively managed translation work for important and strategic content while outsourcing other tasks.

Considering realme’s rapid expansion and innovation, the company found itself in need of optimizing its translation processes. The company’s agile and ever-evolving teams had diverse talents but needed a dedicated localization department that could adapt to various product characteristics, blend in with national culture and language, and create reusable glossaries for future translations. This presented an exciting opportunity to unify translation styles and meet the high expectations of all stakeholders in a more streamlined manner.

KPI Mastery: Beyond the Numbers

While key performance indicators like Turnaround Time and On-time Delivery are standard metrics, realme sought a partner who could also excel in nuanced areas such as Quality Feedback Ratio, Communication, and Meeting Engagement.

Global Localization, Translation and Transcreation

The Clearly Local Difference: A Cut Above the Rest

When realme chose Clearly Local, it was not just for our transcreation quality or ability to meet deadlines. It was for our integrated approach to localization, which aligned perfectly with realme’s standards of excellence.


Clearly Local’s Integrated Approach

More Than Just a Service, A Partnership

At Clearly Local, we believe in becoming an extension of your team rather than just another service provider to fully align with your brand’s voice, mission, and objectives.
This enables us to deliver transcreation and copywriting services that are not just linguistically accurate but also culturally resonant.

Quality and Timeliness: Non-Negotiables

Meeting deadlines and quality requirements are not just checkboxes for us; they are non-negotiable aspects that we rigorously adhere to—ensuring that every piece of content we produce meets the highest standards.
Likewise, our respect for timelines signifies that we will consistently deliver your projects on schedule without compromising quality.

The Clearly Local Advantage: Where Excellence Meets Efficiency

Our integrated approach offers you the best of both worlds: exceptional quality and timely delivery. By becoming a part of your team, we gain a deep understanding of your brand, allowing us to produce content that not only speaks your language but also understands your ethos, offering you a localization strategy that maximizes your ROI.

Innovative Content Solutions: Where Creativity Meets Strategy

Our team of native creative transcreation professionals didn’t just translate; they transformed.
From capturing the essence of realme’s brand voice to tailoring product narratives based on key selling points, we elevated the content to resonate with local markets.

Increase in efficiency
0 %
We streamlined the process of setting up and launching projects, as well as communicating with the client.
Faster turnaround time​
0 %

Our commitment to timely delivery met realme’s tight schedules, including a 14-day delivery for a 20,000 word project.

Improvement in quality
0 %

Our high-quality translations exceeded realme’s expectations.

Budget optimization
0 %

Our efficient resource allocation led to significant cost savings.

Success Highlights

Our versatility was showcased in diverse projects, from handling intricate Adobe Illustrator documents to delivering large-scale UI translations in just two weeks. In transcreation projects that required a nuanced understanding of cultural references, we ensured the emotional integrity of the original text was not just maintained but amplified.

What Clients Say About Us


Clearly Local’s professional services have made it an invaluable partner for realme, helping the company leap forward in its global localization efforts. With Clearly Local’s support, realme has overcome its translation challenges and set a new standard in the industry.

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