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Our Most Advanced
Localization Testing
Platform Ever Designed

Get your product localization testing done seamlessly with easyLT. Developed in collaboration with forefront Apps and Software companies, you will experience high productivity, error-free bug reporting, and top-tier data security all in one seamless package

We prioritize these elements to deliver a localized app that not only functions flawlessly across diverse markets but also engages users with content that’s culturally relevant and updated promptly. Trust us to equip your app for rapid market entry, ensuring a seamless user experience and a robust competitive edge. 

easyLT translation
easyLT translation

Multilingual User Interface Display​

Say stop to cumbersome multi-window display. See at a glance all your multilingual strings in context in a single view. No more endless clicks to perform your testing tasks. 

An Intuitive User Interface That Combines Features From Multiple Tools

Testers access directly easyLT glossaries, translation memories, QA checklists, and more to fix bugs with the highest productivity, getting it right from the first shot.

easyLT translation
easyLT translation

There is No One-size-fits-all, Make Use of a Fully Customizable Environment

With our agile development approach, you can tailor your reporting bug report criteria instead of coping with someone else’s version.

Increase Your Productivity with Our Error-free Reporting

Your rules and conditions are implemented within easyLT so that testers only need to focus on what they do best – making sure your product is error-free and offers the best user experience. Export bug reports in the format you need with a click of a button.

easyLT translation
easyLT translation

Equipped with AI and OCR Technologies, a Peace-of-mind Solution

Localization Testing preparation can be intimidating, so let us in the driver’s seat, and we will take care of it for you.

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