Game localization

Unleash the potential of your games and access players around the world

We have the localization solutions suit that bring an immersive experience to all your players. Your games are worth to put in the hands of experts that understand the stringent requirements of Game Localization.

Video Game Localization

Our Game Localization Team selects the most passionate game professionals to turn your games into a fully localized version. Heroes and characters’ names, items and weapons, narratives, dialogues, and voiceover scripts will be in good hands with Clearly Local. We understand that creativity and gameplay consideration is essential for making a game a success. Our Team commits to work closely with you just like your internal localization team.

English Narrative Design

We help you to create stories for your game for the most immersive experience. Dialogues, narratives, and game play differs in Asia and the rest of the world, let our experts get in the game with you.

Game Voiceover

Our Voice Actors are producing deep acting performances you need to make your game a success. The tone, style, gender, and age group will be closely discussed with you. Your team will be part of the casting so that we together, with our Art Directors, Sound Technicians and our Voice Actors and taking you through the entire process as a team.

Linguistic Testing

The first impression always matters, so let our Linguistic Testing (LT) Team go through your games for a bug-free production. Test-case base or free-hands testing, nothing will pass through the nets and every detail will be reviewed, reported and fixed.

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