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Elevating Video Editing Localization: The Quvideo Case Study

Our Client

QuVideo is a technology enterprise that has revolutionized the digital content creation landscape with its suite of innovative video editing tools designed to cater to amateur and professional editors alike.

With a global user base of over 1.3 billion across 200 countries. Quvideo offers various products, including VivaVideo, VivaCut, and Tempo App, each tailored to meet specific editing needs. VivaVideo simplifies the editing process with user-friendly tools, making it accessible to beginners, while VivaCut caters to professionals seeking advanced editing features. On the other hand, Tempo offers quick and stylish editing solutions through its range of templates, ideal for users looking to create engaging content swiftly.

As QuVideo expanded its reach, the challenge of localizing these dynamic tools to resonate with a diverse, global audience became apparent. This required a deep understanding of cultural variations and technical specifics beyond mere translation to ensure a seamless and enjoyable editing experience for users worldwide.

Video editing localization

As QuVideo expanded its reach, the complexity of localization grew, presenting unique challenges:

  • Expanding into New Markets: Initially, localization was limited to basic app UI string translation through a third-party platform. However, as QuVideo’s global presence expanded, the demand for comprehensive localized content surged.
  • Building an In-House Team: Recognizing the importance of localization, QuVideo established an internal team in 2020 to enhance localization standards and manage quality across key markets.

  • Specialized Partner: In addition to building an in-house team, QuVideo sought a third-party localization provider capable of offering translation services and support in augmenting the in-house team with localization talent.

Despite QuVideo’s robust toolset, the challenge of localizing their sophisticated software for a global audience was formidable. The initial localization process, limited to app UI string translations, was managed via a third-party platform. This approach soon proved inadequate for QuVideo’s expanding global footprint, especially as they aimed to make their advanced features accessible to users worldwide.

Recognizing the need for a more integrated localization strategy, QuVideo partnered with Clearly Local, seeking a strategic collaboration to scale its localization efforts efficiently and uphold its commitment to excellence in every market.

Our Process in Detail

Clearly Local’s strategy for QuVideo was meticulously crafted to meet their distinct needs, emphasizing our proficiency in high-quality localization and our unique talent recommendation service consisting of finding the best localization expert to join Quvideo Localization Team, The service set us apart from other LSPs, we have identified the right talent, onboarding him under our wings for a few months before having the localization expert becoming Quvideo’s employee.

Our commitment to professional excellence, efficient workflows, and real-time communication was complemented by our ability to connect QuVideo with specialized localization talent, ensuring their diverse range of video editing tools was localized with precision and cultural sensitivity.

This approach, underpinned by our extensive network of resources and continuous, constructive dialogue, was designed to seamlessly align with QuVideo’s dynamic and evolving localization requirements, enhancing their global user experience.

Video editing localization

Clearly Local’s Integrated Approach

Overcoming Challenges

A significant hurdle was the rapid translation of app strings into 67 languages for a key product, a task beyond the scope of QuVideo’s internal capabilities. Clearly Local’s solution involved an agile management approach that facilitated swift, accurate translations and effective communication with translators, ensuring quality and speed surpassing the service level provided by the top 10 ranked global LSPs. 


qvideo-elevating-video-editing 4

Boost Efficiency, Quality, and Budget Savings

With Clearly Local’s support, KuCoin saw remarkable improvements:​

  • Increased Efficiency: Saved two hours of in-house project management time daily.


  • Reduced Turnaround Time: Content localization time was reduced from 72 hours to 24-48 hours.


  • Budget Optimization: Understood budget requirements and designed a solution to meet them.


  • Seamless Integration of Innovative TMS Solutions: Clearly Local’s R&D Team built a custom connector from scratch, enabling KuCoin to convert tasks in their Lokalise TMS into corresponding projects and jobs in the Phrase TMS, which offers a more robust and complete workflow management for the LSP.


  • Quality Assurance: Language quality score increased by 20%.

Benefits and Impact

The collaboration with Clearly Local yielded remarkable improvements in QuVideo’s localization efforts:

Increase in efficiency
0 %

Our streamlined project setup and communication enhanced operational efficiency.

Faster turnaround time​
0 %

Our commitment to prompt delivery drastically cut down project completion times.

Improvement in quality
0 %

Our rigorous quality assurance process significantly decreased errors and reworks.

Cost savings
0 %

Our competitive pricing and strategic resource allocation resulted in substantial cost reductions for QuVideo.

What Clients Say About Us

What Clients Say About Us

Jo Fong Localization Lead, QuVideo

QuVideo is fortunate to have a localization partner like Clearly Local and has seen them grow from their early deats to the scale that are today In the past three years, CL has provided us with professional and high quality localization services and met our personalized needs, including localization talent recommendations, etc. Thanks to their hard work and efforts, and we look forward to our future work together for win-win cooperation.


The strategic partnership with Clearly Local has empowered QuVideo to address the complexities of global market expansion effectively, ensuring that their innovative video editing tools resonate with users worldwide. This collaboration highlights the importance of a nuanced approach to localization beyond mere translation, encompassing comprehensive support for in-house team development and process optimization.

For businesses looking to scale globally, QuVideo’s experience underscores the importance of a strategic partnership that extends beyond essential translation services to comprehensive localization support.

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