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Optimizing Content Creation for Blockchain Education Case Study

Our Client

Phemex is a leading force in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology sector. With a vision to empower users through a future of boundless opportunities and equality, the company aims to establish an educational academy. 

This initiative has three key objectives: First, to create articles for effective branding, promotion, and marketing; second, to boost SEO performance by consistently publishing high-quality articles that educate their user base; and third, to partner with the right team for consistent and high-caliber content creation. These objectives were designed to effectively drive website traffic and engage users.

Optimizing content creation

Igniting Innovation: Phemex’s Educational Aspirations

Before partnering with Clearly Local, Phemex relied on a combination of internal copywriters and freelance writers to produce 6 to 12 SEO articles per week. This approach presented areas in need of optimization and offered possibilities for further growth:

  • Quality assurance: The management team was spending a significant amount of time ensuring the quality of articles.
  • Scalability: During peak demand, the existing setup reached its capacity for scaling.
  • Management overhead: Time-consuming processes involved coordinating with freelancers, chasing deliverables, and handling payments.
The need for a professional solution

To meet their ambitious goals, Phemex realized they needed a professional team capable of providing continuous, stable, and high-quality services.

Crafting a Seamless Content Strategy for Phemex

At Clearly Local, we understood Phemex’s unique challenges and requirements. We responded by quickly assembling an experienced writing team and implementing a streamlined process for regular article production. By taking care of their content needs, we were able to give them the time to focus on their core needs and procedures for faster growth.

Phemex’s Comeback Story

The key challenge was the rapid scaling of article production. Clearly Local’s successful team-building and efficient process management guaranteed that within three months Phemex could triple its monthly article output and maintain consistent quality. Importantly, Clearly Local was not just an outsourced resource; it was fully integrated and considered an integral part of Phemex’s existing team, ensuring aligned objectives and seamless communication.

Optimizing content creation
Optimizing content creation

Boost Efficiency, Quality, and Budget Savings

With Clearly Local’s support, Phemex saw remarkable improvements:

  • Increased efficiency: Output was significantly increased, resulting in a total of nearly a thousand articles for Phemex at a rate of up to 50 articles per month. This enriched their content repository and increased traffic to their academy.


  • Reduced turnaround time: Articles were published as per the planned schedule.
    Improved Quality: Achieved standardized quality across all articles.


  • Budget Optimization: Adapted flexible pricing models to meet Phemex’s needs.

Impact on Team’s Productivity and Performance Academy Establishment:

Academy Establishment: Phemex successfully built their educational academy with Clearly Local’s support. 

Traffic Boost: The large volume of articles contributed to an increase in website traffic.


Phemex found in Clearly Local a partner that understood their complex needs and provided flexible, efficient, and high-quality solutions. This partnership has been instrumental in successfully establishing Phemex’s educational academy and driving increased website traffic.

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Expertise in quickly assembling and managing a high-quality writing team.

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