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Optimizing Mobile Entertainment Localization: The Asia Innovations Group “Aig” Case Study

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Asia Innovations Group (AIG), headquartered in Singapore, is a trailblazer in Asia’s mobile entertainment and technology sector. Specializing in creating and distributing innovative mobile apps and games, AIG also provides platforms for social networking and live streaming. Their flagship apps, Uplive and Lamour, have garnered a diverse user base, ranging from gamers and social media enthusiasts to live-streaming aficionados.

Recognized as the world’s leading live social app, it has empowered creators globally for over six years. With a user base of over 300 million across 150 regions, Uplive has achieved top consumer spend app rankings in APAC and has been recognized for its significant growth and global appeal. With products available in more than 15 languages, AIG’s reach extends beyond Asia, catering to a global audience.

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Scaling Up: AIG’s Localization Ambitions

Prior to collaborating with Clearly Local, AIG’s localization process was managed through a combination of a top LSP, freelance reviewers, and multilingual copywriters. This approach, however, presented challenges in terms of quality consistency and speed, crucial for a rapidly growing company like AIG. The company sought a partner who could provide the following:

  • Consistent Quality: AIG needed high-quality, engaging translations that resonated with their diverse user base.
    Rapid Turnaround: With multiple apps in development, AIG required a partner who could keep pace with their dynamic content needs.
  • Streamlined Processes: AIG aimed to simplify its complex workflow, which involved managing multiple internal requestors and external resources.
  • Monetization Focus: A critical business goal for AIG was to enhance app monetization through effective localization, making content not only accessible but also compelling in various markets.
The need for a specialized solution

AIG realized the necessity for a professional team that could offer stable, high-quality services tailored to their specific needs.

Innovative Workflow Integration

A significant advancement in our partnership was the integration of AIG’s TMS with Clearly Local’s technology suite. This integration automated the entire localization workflow, where new jobs in AIG’s Lokalise TMS automatically initiate projects in our system. 

Our team quickly receives notifications and prepares these projects for our linguists. After completion and quality checks, the finalized multilingual content is efficiently transferred back to AIG’s Lokalise environment, significantly streamlining the process and reducing turnaround times

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AIG’s Evolution

The primary challenge was managing the high volume of localization tasks while maintaining quality and speed. Clearly Local’s stable resource management, proactive customer service, and integrated technological solutions enabled AIG to:

  • Boost Efficiency: Achieve 99% on-time delivery, a significant improvement from their previous vendor.


  • Reduce Turnaround Time: Deliver projects within 18 hours, meeting AIG’s stringent requirements.


  • Enhance Quality: Attain a 98% quality score, reflecting our commitment to excellence.
    Optimize Budget: Minimize management costs through a streamlined, single-platform approach.


  • Support Monetization: By providing high-quality, culturally relevant translations, we played a pivotal role in enhancing the monetization potential of AIG’s apps across diverse markets.

Leveraging Data for Success

Our collaboration with AIG is underscored by impressive metrics that reflect our commitment to quality and efficiency:

  • Linguist Stability: We maintained 100% linguist stability, ensuring consistent quality across all projects.


  • On-time Delivery: We achieved a 99% on-time delivery rate, demonstrating our ability to meet tight deadlines.


  • Project Word Count: With an average project word count of 87, we efficiently managed small and large-scale projects, catering to AIG’s diverse content needs.
Boost efficiency
0 %

We achieved a 99% on-time delivery rate, demonstrating our ability to meet tight deadlines.

Improvement in quality
0 %

Our high quality translations attain a 98% quality score, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Linguist stability
0 %

We maintanined 100% linguist stability, ensuring consistent quality across all project.

Project word count
0 %

With an average project word count of 87, we efficiently managed small and large-scale projects catering to AIG’s diverse content needs.


AIG found in Clearly Local a partner that not only understood their complex needs but also provided efficient, high-quality solutions. This partnership has been instrumental in AIG’s global expansion, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction and significantly contributing to their monetization efforts.

What Clients Say About Us

AIG Localization Program Manager

Clearly Local is a remarkable team; their capability to deliver multilingual app localization copies that engage users on time completely aligns with our business goals. Through regular meetings with the team and linguists, our localization team simply felt bigger naturally.

What Clients Say About Us

What Sets Clearly Local Apart


Quick turnaround times and streamlined processes.


Willingness to adapt to changing requirements.


Expertise in quickly assembling and managing a high-quality writing team.

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