The AI solution that enables us to translate your content in a high-quality, cost-efficient manner

Why choose only one MT engine when you can enjoy the combined performance of the 3 best?

It’s well known that MT engines offer different levels of quality depending on language pairs and domain. Instead of relying on a single MT engine, Clearly Local’s MT solution brings the combined power of Microsoft MT, Amazon MT and Google MT to you. Our AI-powered technology will analyze your content and suggest the best MT engine using quality evaluation data.

Direct and Transparent Savings

Clearly Local technology filters out non-translatable (NT) text such as part numbers, serial numbers, ZIP code, URLs, and other types of content, and passes the savings on to you. Depending on the language combination, the NT feature can bring you up to 10% cost reductions.

Machine Translation Output Quality Evaluation

The output quality of machine translation will vary depending on language pairs, content type, and many other factors. Our machine translation solution automatically gives a quality evaluation score. Content with a perfect score may not need human post-editing at all, bringing you immediate cost and time savings.

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