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💡Industry Insights and Expanding Possibilities from Clearly Local’s 2023 Annual Meeting 🌟


The conference portion of Clearly Local’s Annual Meeting 2023 (AM2023) featured insights from industry veterans, providing our teams with perspectives from the linguist, client, and technology sides. 

Localization experts shared their knowledge through 4 different sessions that prepared the team’s mindset for this year’s focus: Expanding Possibilities. Here’s a recap!

Expert: Translation Livestream — The Alchemy of Transcreation 

Our cross-cultural communications expert encapsulated the essence of this coming year’s approach. Her excellent transcreation livestream demonstrated that a thoughtful and creative approach to meeting customers’ needs can yield more engaging results than an overreliance on technology. 

This session provided valuable insights into the transcreation process and the different approach writers and translators can take. It also proved the key role translators and writers continue to play in the industry and the importance of balancing the use of Large Language Models (LLM). 

Adam Yuan: The Resilience Factor in Translation Management Systems 

Adam Yuan, a veteran in Localization Project Management, took to the stage to discuss the importance of having a flexible Translation Management System (TMS) in today’s fast-paced localization environment. In line with this year’s theme of Expanding Possibilities, he presented different tech-based solutions to improve workflow efficiency, proving that developing effective processes doesn’t need to be too costly or time-consuming. 

Roxy Ma: Empowering Decisions Through Advanced Analytics  

Roxy Ma, Customer Success Manager for APAC at Phrase, demonstrated the new Advanced Analytics features of Phrase’s platform, which allow LSPs to analyze data in real-time for a timely data-driven solution workflow. With years of experience in the translation and localization industry, Roxy’s expertise serves as a guide to navigating the complexities of large-scale projects.

Ann Huehls: Unveiling the Future of Language Technology  

Ann Huehls, Language Technology Expert and Consultant, took on the Expanding Possibilities theme by demonstrating three real-life applications of Large Language Models (LLMs). She also offered crucial tips and best practices for Quality Evaluation (QE) with prompts for conversational technologies like and OpenAI. With over 11 years of experience, Ann stands at the intersection of language and technology, providing a unique and invaluable perspective. 

Overall, Clearly Local’s annual meeting was a vibrant platform that showcased the current advancements in our field and laid the foundation for Expanding Possibilities. The sessions were interactive and filled with thoughtful questions from our teams. We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to our guest speakers, who generously engaged in a meaningful dialogue and took the time to answer all our team’s questions. This collaborative guiding principle further enriched the experience, and we look forward to carrying this momentum into our future initiatives. 

The conference portion of our AM2023 set the tone and got our team’s mindset and energy ready for the team-building part in China’s beautiful beach resort city of Rizhao. 

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