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Clearly Local provides effective, high-performance service solutions for User Interface (UI) localization. Combining the best technology and UI localization professionals, we help our customers get their localized UIs right to make their products a success.

In this day and age, having a well-designed product is more important than ever. Markets are easily accessible and offer an abundance of products. As a result, users are now habitually searching for information before downloading a new app, subscribing to a new SaaS or buying a new mobile device. Studies show that 81% of consumers do online research before making a decision1.

It follows that good product ratings and reviews can make or break your product’s success. Language and localization issues are a frequent complaint in low product ratings. These factors are even more important for Chinese products, as survey indicate that 44% of people view a product more negatively upon seeing that it was made in China2. Some common mistakes in UI localization are shown below.

What if error-free delivery were guaranteed?

Clearly Local has developed a professional suite of technology, ready-to-use professional UI linguists, and an AI-driven workflow with a proven track record of completing error-free UI localization. 

I-C Translation: Real-time UI Display for Fully Contextualized Translation

Clearly Local’s self-developed, AI-powered Translation Management System is a cutting-edge translation ecosystem created for our clients, linguists, and teams. Our I-C Translation feature relies on AI to automatically display the relevant UI context in the translation workbench. This fully in-context translation mitigates the risk of translation errors.

An Integrated Solution: Like Having Your Own Localization Team

Building a full-scale language, translation, or localization team is critical for any company seeking to gain a global reach. This team must work across departments within your organization, get involved with UIs and documentation at the product development phase, and support your branding and promotional efforts. And this doesn’t need to be done in-house. Talk to Clearly Local to learn how we can do all of this and more for you!

1 GE Capital Retail Bank’s survey

2 YouGov-Cambridge Centre’s survey

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