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Navigating the Crypto Frontier with Bespoke Localization: Case Study

Our Client

KuCoin, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange platform. With a diverse user base that includes individual investors, crypto traders, and institutional stakeholders, KuCoin offers a comprehensive suite of financial services. These range from spot trading and futures trading to crypto lending and an NFT marketplace. Serving over 200 countries and regions, KuCoin has successfully localized its offerings into 23 languages.


Localization Goals

Before partnering with Clearly Local, KuCoin’s English proofreading was managed by non-native speakers, and the company relied on Microsoft Excel and emails for vendor collaboration. Recognizing the need for higher quality assurance on a global scale, KuCoin was seeking to delegate technical content responsibilities to a specialized team expert in crypto that could match their management’s level of expertise, thereby freeing up valuable time.

  • Find a Partner for Content Excellence: The management team wanted to spend less time ensuring the quality of English content by delegating that work to an outside LSP that understood the cryptocurrency industry.


  • Upgrade Technology: The existing setup had reached its capacity for scaling due to its reliance on rudimentary tools, and skyrocketing volume meant that better integration and automation were urgently needed.


  • Do More with Less: KuCoin needed a partner that understood its budget realities in order to create more while keeping spending under control.
The need for a professional solution

To meet their ambitious goals, KuCoin realized they needed a professional team capable of providing ongoing, stable, high-quality services.

Clearly Local’s Tailored Approach

At Clearly Local, we understood KuCoin’s unique challenges and requirements.  KuCoin was operating with a 3-person localization team, responsible for managing a staggering 6 million words of localization work annually across 23 languages, with over 50 tasks processed daily. Recognizing this, we swiftly assembled a team of experienced linguists and introduced a creative integration solution for their TMS. This enabled us to implement a streamlined process for regular content localization, effectively addressing KuCoin’s complex needs. 



KuCoin’s Transformation 

The key challenge was the rapid scaling of localization efforts. Clearly Local’s team of linguists, creative integration solution, and efficient process management guaranteed that KuCoin could increase its language quality by 20%, reaching close to a perfect score and streamlining daily operations between KuCoin and its LSPs


Boost Efficiency, Quality, and Budget Savings

With Clearly Local’s support, KuCoin saw remarkable improvements:​

  • Increased Efficiency: Saved two hours of in-house project management time daily.


  • Reduced Turnaround Time: Content localization time was reduced from 72 hours to 24-48 hours.
    Quality Assurance: Language quality score increased by 20%.


  • Budget Optimization: Understood budget requirements and designed a solution to meet them.


  • Seamless Integration of Innovative TMS Solutions: Clearly Local’s R&D Team built a custom connector from scratch, enabling KuCoin to convert tasks in their Lokalise TMS into corresponding projects and jobs in the Phrase TMS, which offers a more robust and complete workflow management for the LSP.

Benefits and Impact

Increase in efficiency
0 %

Our streamlined processes significantly boosted productivity, saved two hours of in-house project management time daily.

Faster turnaround time​
0 %

Content localization time was reduced from 72 hours to 24-48 hours. With an average of 50%.

Improvement in quality
0 %

Our high-quality translations exceeded KuCoin’s expectations.

Budget optimization
0 %

Our efficient resource allocation led to significant cost savings. Undersood budget requirements and designed a solution to meet them


KuCoin found in Clearly Local a partner that understood their complex needs and provided flexible, efficient, and high-quality solutions. This partnership has addressed KuCoin’s immediate challenges and laid the foundation for its future global expansion. KuCoin values Clearly Local’s on-call services, customized solutions, and flexible payment options.

What Clients Say About Us

What Sets Clearly Local Apart


Quick turnaround times and streamlined processes.


Willingness to adapt to changing requirements.


Expertise in quickly assembling and managing a high-quality writing team.

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Clearly Local’s team excels in understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions across various industry services. Their professionalism ensures the delivery of suitable outcomes for their clients. 

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