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Clearly Local Announces Partnership with Phrase to Deliver Superior Localization Solutions


Fast-growing content creation and translation solutions provider Clearly Local has partnered with Phrase, a global leader in cloud-based localization technology, to offer unparalleled localization solutions to its clients. The partnership marks a milestone for Clearly Local as the addition of Phrase’s leading-edge capabilities will provide the highest-quality localization solutions to businesses of all sizes across APAC.

The Partnership

The partnership between Clearly Local and Phrase combines two major players in language technology and language services into an integrated solution. The result is an ecosystem that yields both high productivity and delivery. By leveraging Clearly Local’s content creation and translation expertise, along with Phrase’s advanced localization technology, businesses can streamline their localization process and deliver high-quality content to global audiences faster than ever.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Phrase, a company that shares our commitment to delivering exceptional services efficiently to clients. Their collaboration has been instrumental in our rapid growth and ability to meet the needs of our demanding customers in Asia. As we continue to expand beyond Asia, we are confident that the synergies between our two companies will enable us to bring even greater value to our clients in Europe and beyond.” Philippe CAO, Managing Director at Clearly Local

Clearly Local’s Service Scope

Clearly Local specializes in offering end-to-end content solutions, including translation and localization, localization testing, transcreation, content creation, and game localization. The company focuses on servicing high-tech companies in industries such as app development, telecommunications, new energy, automotive, AI, engineering, IoT, internet, and gaming. Currently the team has a presence in eight locations across France, the UK, China, and Mexico.

Why Clearly Local Partnered with Phrase

Following the evaluation of a number of platforms, Clearly Local selected Phrase for its extensive capabilities and ease of use. The Phrase Localization Suite creates a comprehensive localization ecosystem by integrating the power of its market-leading translation management system for the automation, management, and translation of all types of content into multiple languages. This system is seamlessly connected to a specialized software localization platform, equipped with integrations, advanced editing features, and real-time collaboration tools for faster and more efficient localization. The decision was motivated by the platform’s cloud-based solution, machine translation capabilities, translation memory (TM) and term base (TB) management, translation management system (TMS) user interface and workflow, customization and API capabilities, security, and automation.

Clearly Local’s continued fast growth has been no easy feat. Despite already having revenue in the millions (USD), the company managed to more than double its revenue YoY in 2022. As Clearly Local continues to expand beyond APAC, it will be exhibiting at LocWorld49 in Malmö, Sweden from June 6 to 8, an event for which Phrase is a Gold Sponsor.

“We are excited to collaborate with Clearly Local. This partnership represents a key milestone in our mission to unlock language and enable seamless communication across borders. Together, we will leverage our cutting-edge localization technology with Clearly Local’s deep expertise in the China market to deliver exceptional language solutions for businesses and users alike. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to empowering global communication, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and driving innovation in the localization industry,” said Georg Ell, CEO at Phrase.

About Clearly Local

Clearly Local was launched by veterans of the localization industry with a fresh approach to content creation and translation solutions. At Clearly Local, we adhere to the principles of transparency, efficiency, and quality. Our people-focused hybrid working model makes the most of talent from around the world for maximum cost-effectiveness. We choose people who find true satisfaction from producing excellent work. When you work with us, you’ll discover that every single person on the Clearly Local team is personally motivated to “translate your value to the world”. For further information visit

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About Phrase

Phrase is a cloud-based localization solution that enables organizations of all sizes to open the door to global business through advanced automation and a broad variety of integrations. The Phrase Localization Suite is equipped with the leading translation management system, a specialized platform for software and digital products, and it supports 500+ languages, 50+ file types, 30+ machine translation engines, and 50+ integrations. The enterprise-grade suite enables users to drive growth with a connected ecosystem of tools. Organizations like Uber, Shopify, Volkswagen, and thousands of others trust in Phrase and accelerate their global growth by giving people the content they need, in the language they speak. For further information visit

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