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Clearly Local at LocWorld49: Joining industry leaders to discuss trends and the future of localization


Last week, Clearly Local made a robust debut at LocWorld49 in Malmö, Sweden; part-taking in the Solution Square, overall conference and networking program. The industry cornerstone event hosted over 500 participants from all around the world. We welcomed the opportunity to engage with industry peers, share knowledge, and showcase our fresh approach to multilingual content. 

Innovation and Data-Driven Localization 

Day 1 was dominated by the innovative spirit and data-driven solutions that have become synonymous with modern localization. On her keynote, Sofie Lindblom shared her approach to fostering an innovative culture, offering actionable insights to balancing core business, growth business, and future business. This inspiring presentation aligned perfectly with our business model and provided confirmation of our vision. 

An enlightening session on building a Globalization Data Infrastructure displayed the essential role of data in our industry. Power BI was highly recommended among major industry leaders for creating data-driven teams, underlining our commitment to leveraging data and informing strategic decisions at Clearly Local. 

The heartening overview of Translator’s without borders achievements served as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of localization. This non-profit organization aids communities in crisis through localization services, a testament to the positive impact our industry can affect worldwide. 

Celebrating Innovation at PIC#14 

The Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) #14 proved to be a locus of creative and technical brilliance. VMWare & Centific, with their innovative approach to translation and localization, secured the runner-up spot, demonstrating commendable trailblazing efforts. emerged as the PIC winner, presenting a groundbreaking solution that combined creativity and technology using visitors’ traffic analytics to decide the adequate localization strategies between raw MT, MTPE, and subject-matter expert translation. 

Congratulations to this LocWorld’s PIC participants! Your innovative contributions are shaping the future of translation and localization, and we look forward to seeing more disruptive breakthroughs in this space. 

Size vs. Performance: The Industry Perspective 

Day 2 continued the exploration of industry intricacies. The insightful session “Does Size Matter?,” by DeAnn Cougler, emphasized how performance eclipses size in importance. Companies seek exceptional service, excellent quality, and effective communication from vendors, and both large and small vendors can meet these needs. This perspective resonates with our core principles at Clearly Local, where we prioritize an agile solution-focus performance and a delighting customer experience.  

Boosting Quality for Modern WEBUI Localization 

A pivotal discussion unfolded around boosting quality for modern Web UI localization. Henk Boxma from RIGI.IO, and Martin Salamon from ESET, highlighted the critical role of context and outlined the challenges linguists face within existing LT models. They proposed automating screenshot recording and other UI localization tools as potential solutions to overcome these obstacles, further enabling linguists and enriching the localization process. 

Adapting to Future Trends in Localization 

As we navigate the future localization landscape, the conference underscored the importance of adapting to the latest trends and managing expectations. Real-world applications of Lage Language Models (LLMs) were highlighted, emphasizing the need for our industry to adjust to these new systems. At Clearly Local, we remain at the forefront of these changes, ensuring our offerings stay relevant and innovative. 

Translating Your Value to the World 

Clearly Local’s dynamic entrance into LocWorld was met with significant interest. With our recent partnership with Phrase, 5-star ratings from language partners, and an unwavering commitment to customer experience (CX), we continue to assert our place in the industry.  

In Summary 

LocWorld49 was a vibrant platform for Clearly Local to showcase its expertise and affirm its brand identity. As we move into the next stage of globalization, driven by AI and LLM, Clearly Local is committed to using the most advanced innovations to streamline processes and provide cost-effective solutions to our customers.  

Coming up 

Next month, we’ll be exhibiting at ChinaJoy in Shanghai, where we’ll be sharing our experience in gaming localization and the importance of research, translation, adaptation, and testing for a successful release. Stay tuned for more information and come say hello this July 28 to 31. 

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